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  • Professor Nisar Ahmad Ganai


    B.Sc, LL.M, Ph.D

    Specialization:Family Law & Research Methodology
    E-mail Id: nisaraganai@gmail.com

  • Mr. S.L.Pandita


    B.Sc, LL.B., KCS

    Specialization: Legal Methods, Moot-Court Exercise & Internship, Civil Procedure Code
    E-mail Id:shubampandita12@gmail.com

  • Prof. R.K.Aima

    Lecturer in English

    M.A (English)

    Specialization: General English & Legal Language

  • Ms. Neeraj Jamwal

    Lecturer in History

    M.A (History), M.Phil.

    Specialization: History
    E-mail Id: neerajjamwal40@gmail.com
    Phone: 9419142471

  • Ms. Rimpal Gupta,

    Lecturer in Law


    Specialization: Administrative Law, Professional Ethics, International Law, Family Law, & Intellectual Property Law
    E-mail Id: aaradhyarimpalnanda@gmail.com
    Phone: 9596842924

  • Ms. Kirti Kour,

    Lecturer in Law

    LL.M., Ph.D

    Specialization: : Law of Contract, Law of Torts, Labour & Industrial Law, International Law & Human Rights Law
    E-mail Id: kourkirti14@14gmail.com
    Phone: 9622758055

  • Mr. Ramesh Mohan Zutshi

    Lecturer in Law

    LL.M, M.A (English)

    Specialization: Insurance Law, Taxation & Legal Methods
    E-mail Id: rameshmohanzutshi@gmail.com
    Phone: 9419146331

  • Ms. Gurvir Soodan

    Lecturer in Law

    LL.M. & B. Ed.

    Specialization: Law of Contract, Cyber Law, Humanitarian & Refugee Law & Constitutional Law
    E-mail Id: gurvirsoodan@yahoo.com
    Phone: 9797414779

  • Ms. Anubha Sharma

    Lecturer in Law

    M.A (Socialogy), LL.M.

    Specilization: Contract Law, Interpretation of Statutes, Labour & Industrial Law, Jurisprudence & Public International Law
    Phone: 9149725783

  • Mr. Gopi Krishan Raina

    Lecturer in Law


    Specialization: : Law of Crimes, Criminal Procedure Code & Civil Procedure Code
    Phone: 9622086971

  • Dr. Santosh Kumar Saini

    Lecturer in Economics (Part-time)

    M.A (Economics), Ph.D

    Specialization: Economics
    Phone: 9796226746

  • Dr. Gurmeet Kour

    Lecturer in Law

    LL.M, NET, JRF, Ph.D

    Specialization: Moot Court, Drafting & Pleading & Jurisprudence
    E-mail Id: gurmeetlaw@gmail.com
    Phone: 9796836669

  • Ms. Pallvi Mathavan

    Lecturer in Law

    LL.M, NET

    Specialization: Company law, Criminology & Penology
    Phone: 9858211111

  • Ms. Shalini Sharma

    Lecturer in Law


    Specialization: Law of Evidence, Land Laws, Legal Method, Local Law & Property Law
    E-mail Id: shalinimahajan.adv@gmail.com
    Phone: 7889690714

  • Dr. Divya Gupta

    Lecturer in Law

    L.L.M, NET, Ph.D

    Specialization: Contract, Constitution, Civil Procedure Code and Criminal Procedure Code
    E-mail Id: divyasmile_81@yahoo.com
    Phone: 9419632897

  • Ms. Nidhi Arora

    Lecturer in Political Science

    M.A Political Science, M.A English, B.ed

    E-mail Id: nidhiarorajam7@gmail.com
    Phone: 8803214341

  • Ms. Mamta Ananad

    Lecturer in Sociology (Part-time)

    M.A (Sociology), M.Ed,

    Specialization: Sociology
    Phone: 9419332383