Chairman's Message

Today, K.C.Law College has became one of the premier institutions of legal education in J&K State. Since its inception in 2003,the College has been offering both 5-year and 3-year LL.B degree Courses to young aspirants who want to excel in the field of law..

Down the ages, the study of law has been an important field of human activity. However, in our times, its relevance has increased manifold, more so because of the spread of democracy and the globalization of economy. Today, the study of law offers numerous career opportunities to our youth not only in courts and judiciary but also enables them to become solicitors, consultants,counsellors,academicians,business and political analysts, social and political activists,MNC executives and many more.

In the recent past,academic and infrastructural facilities at our College have substantially been augumented with the completion of College building,we now have more space available for our students in the Computer Lab, College Library, lecture Halls, Seminar and recreations rooms of the rest. A multi- purpose auditorium with the state of art facilities is now ready for use for the conduct of Moot-Courts,Debates,Dramaties and many other allied co-curricular activities by the students.

I am personally very much pleased with the manner in which principal and staff of K.C.Law College have been paying individual attention to the needs of all the students.Nevertheless in this age of tough competition and globalization we cannot afford to remain complacent.So,we at K.C.Law College are thoroughly engaged in pursuit of excellence which by its definition is a never –ending process.Our ambition is not only to became the best institutions of legal education in our state but also in the whole country.Thus,though we have attained some notable successes in the past,our quest for perfection in the field of legal education will never ever stop. In the end,to the new entrants to the College,may I emphasize upon them that success seldom comes of its own.It has to be earned.So my advice to them is that they should enter the portals of this house of learning with a determined will and stead fast pursuit that infact will be the key to their larger success here and in the rest of their lives.

Raju Chowdhary
Chairman - K.C Educational Society